Oregon, Stoughton

August 13, 2019 – 5:00pm

Stoughton Utilities has restored power to the area and we are showing equipment back online. If your service is experiencing trouble, please contact us directly at our support email or phone.

August 13, 2019 – 4:23pm

We have confirmed a power outage at the transmitter site. We do not have an estimated time of restoration.

August 13, 2019 – 4:15pm

We are aware of trouble at our site between Oregon and Stoughton. Our technicians are investigating the issue currently.

2019-07-19 Downtown Madison Power

At this time we are seeing the majority of our customers back in-service, including those downtown Madison. Our core has been stable for a couple hours now. We are aware of a few power outages on the near-east side, and service to tenants near the airport that are impacted by a carrier with failed equipment. We will stop updating this post at this time unless there is a significant change in status. If you are without service at this time, please contact us directly for an individual trouble ticket.

The Hoyos Consulting core has been transferred back to commercial power. Our transmitters at Network222, USBank and W-Main are all back functional as expected. There are still a few pockets of individual customer locations without power that we are monitoring.

Power continues to come on and off downtown Madison. This has impacted some of the restored services in our core. We are aware this is impacting customers throughout our network and continue to deploy technicians to affected sites.

The Hoyos Consulting core has been stabilized on generator power along with services fed from the rooftop of the Network222 building. Services in West Madison, McFarland, Stoughton, Oregon, Edgerton, and Evansville should be back online.

We continue to have an outage at our US Bank/1 S Pinckey transmitter site due to power outages in the area there. We do not have an estimated time of restoration for services fed from this location.

There are reports of power outages and instability throughout downtown Madison due to a fire at MG&E’s facility. https://www.nbc15.com/content/news/Crews-responding-to-fire-at-Madison-Gas-and-Electric-512938191.html

This is impacting customer connectivity in various locations to the Hoyos network. Our Downtown Madison core network has been impacted by the power fluctuations. We are aware and working to stabilize equipment on backup power.

2019-07-10 Downtown Madison Power Outage

12:25pm: Utility power was restored shortly after our generator was activated. We waited for our battery system to recharge before switching back to utility power and have now done so. Power issues at Block 89 have been resolved. At this time we are showing all systems operating normally. Please reach out to us directly if you are experiencing any issues.

9:50am: Our technician has placed a generator at the site and we are confirming connectivity has been restored to most buildings. We are aware of power issues still remaining at Block 89 on the capitol square impacting service at that location.

9:15am: Hoyos Consulting is aware of a power outage at our downtown US Bank transmitter location that is impacting various customers in the downtown area. We have a technician dispatched with a generator as we do not have an estimate on when utility power will be restored to the area. If we can safely deploy the generator to power back on equipment, we will be doing so.

Current estimated time to restoration: 10AM

All services operating normally!

All services on the Hoyos Consulting and Four Lakes Broadband network are currently operating normally.